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Home extends well beyond four walls and a door. The stability and pride that comes from quality housing is something all people deserve. Through Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), we develop affordable housing for the kind of people who keep communities going. The guy who makes the killer latte, the woman at the bank, the second grader running on the playground; these are the folks smiling when they come home.

“I honestly can say—this place
saved me. It really did.”

Kasie, a resident of Frisco Lofts

The combination of affordable housing and on-site supportive services is a comprehensive solution that has proven to end and prevent homelessness. Supportive housing works for those who face the most complex challenges—and in a way that benefits each of them and the community at large. By following the Housing First model, and partnering with service providers to create comprehensive solutions, the Vecino Group is working to create supportive housing across the nation. End goal: end homelessness.

See the communities—and the differences—we’ve most recently developed.