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Passion + Know-how

The Vecino Group is based in Springfield, MO. But you can’t change the world just doing business
in Missouri. That’s why we’re taking Housing for the Greater Good around the country. From New
York to California, we’re expanding our reach. Looking. Listening. Then getting started.

Both individually and as a team, we have a proven track record of completing difficult projects on schedule and on budget under exacting compliance driven conditions. From conception to closing, idea to occupancy, development is what we do.

On its own or helming multiple teams, Vecino Design/Build delivers full-service design, construction & project management. Led by a LEED accredited licensed architect, Vecino D/B uses 25 years of design/construction experience to execute visions as brick & mortar reality.

Creating the housing is only the first stop in the process. Our asset management division is responsible for lease up, compliance, occupancy, and ensuring that housing is home for every single resident.

Not every development company has a Creative Director on staff. We do. Marketing, as we define it, is ensuring that the Gut Check of each project—both tangibly and intangibly—comes through loud and clear. Naming, signage, interiors, collateral—it’s all rooted in the greater good.

See the kinds of neighborhood that
teamwork and dedication spark: