Guts? Check.

“Guts? Check.

Would you step over the edge of a ten story building for a good cause? This past weekend, many folks did just that in Springfield, MO.

On June 4th, Sky Eleven in downtown Springfield was the site of an ‘Over The Edge’ fundraiser put on by and for The Child Advocacy Center in Springfield (CAC). The CAC helps children who’ve been the victims or sexual or physical abuse, and acts as a safe haven where children are able to share their story. (Find out more about the CAC, the good they do and how you can help at their site.)

Individuals volunteered to raise funds for the CAC and thus earned the opportunity to step off Sky Eleven’s roof—10 floors high—and rappel down its North face. It was quite the event, and we’re happy to report that the event raised more than $250,000!

As you may know, we at the Vecino Group abide by the ‘Gut Check’; well, it was literally demonstrated via the ‘intestinal fortitude’ of our own Tim Roth, Walter Warren and Maggie Owens who each went Over The Edge. Some images of Tim’s and Walter’s experience are below. Kudos to them and to everyone that had the guts to make this event a success for the CAC and the kids!


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