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College embodies the moment in time when all things are possible. The Vecino Group looks to capture that sense of optimism and possibility in our student housing by creating more than just a place to live. Each community should drive the residents to do something more. Be something different. Create something that is outside of—yet in line with—their institutional learning.

“…it’s nice to feel the inspiration between
people…it pushes you forward…”

Heather, MSU Student and resident of The U

Building upon an idea that service is central in any discipline or field, individuals are encouraged to think more entrepreneurially—not just in a business sense, but also in relation to the greater community. Here, questions are raised and answers are shared. Truly, each Vecino Group community is more than just a place to stay—it is a source of additional tools and insight that help students take a step toward the future.

Some of our recent student communities
for living, learning and evolving.