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Development + Idealism

Everything that needs to be said about the Vecino Group history can be summed up in the Vecino Group present. Today, our company includes people we can’t believe we were able to hire. Directors of this, masters of that, awards, honors, and cumulative years of experience—top shelf professionals, one and all. It’s worth noting that the thing that inspired these folks to leave established positions and join the Vecino Group was the very thing that inspired the formation of the company in the first place.

From day one, we wanted the Vecino Group to be about something more. Whatever we did, whatever project we went after, had to maximize the potential for positive impact. So if affordable housing was good, supportive housing for special needs populations was greater. If student living was good, rehabbing a historic building into a shared, sustainability-focused community was greater. By seeking greater, our growth got good. 

One by one, the Vecino Group has added the best in the business. Qualifications wise and heart wise. Together, we’re embodying the combination of development and idealism that started it all.


Dreamers, Do-ers.